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STANDARD 4-nights

"We are at your service"

Embark on a delightful journey to Lapland, designed to immerse you in the enchanting wonders of the Arctic. Experience the heart of Rovaniemi city with a two-night stay at a City Center Hotel, providing comfort and convenience, followed by two nights in a Special Accommodation, adding a touch of magic to your Lapland adventure. Your days will be filled with unforgettable activities, including a visit to the iconic Santa Claus Village, a Reindeer Farm adventure with a picturesque sleigh ride, a thrilling 5-10km Husky Safari, and an immersive Northern Lights Hunt, allowing you to witness the mesmerizing auroras in their full glory. Traverse the snowy landscapes on a Snowmobile Safari for three hours, and culminate your journey with an extraordinary night at the Arctic Snow Hotel, complemented by a dinner at the unique ice restaurant. With our range of services, including private airport transfers, a detailed personalized itinerary, personal support throughout your stay, pre-booked activities, small group tours, convenient pick-up points, and winter clothing provided, our Standard Package ensures a seamless and magical experience in the winter wonderland of Lapland.



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City Center Hotel - 2 nights

Special Accommodation - 2 night

Santa Claus Village

Reindeer Farm Visit and Sleigh ride

Husky Safari 5-10km

Northern Lights Hunt

Snowmobile safari 3h

Arctic Snow Hotel + Dinner

Private Aiport Transfer

Detailed personalized itinerary

Personal support during your stay

All activities pre booked

Small group tours

Pick up/meeting point to all activities

Transfer to special accommodation

Winter Clothing

est. € 2025 /person

*Minimum 2 participants

*Price excluding flights, travel insurance, personal expenses

*December pricing separately

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Travel itinerary

Day 1: Arrival, Hotel Check-in, and Winter Clothing Pick-Up

Upon your arrival in Lapland, a private airport transfer will smoothly transport you to the City Center Hotel. After checking in, make your way to a conveniently located city center spot to pick up your winter clothing, ensuring you are well-equipped for the Arctic adventures ahead. In the evening, dive into the winter wonderland with a visit to the Arctic Snow Hotel, culminating in a delightful dinner at the ice restaurant, setting the stage for your unforgettable Lapland journey.


Day 2: Reindeer Farm Visit, Sleigh Ride, and Northern Lights Tour

Embark on a picturesque journey to a traditional Reindeer Farm, where you'll interact with these gentle creatures and enjoy a memorable sleigh ride through the pristine winter landscapes. As night falls, venture into the Arctic darkness on a Northern Lights Tour, allowing ample time to witness the mesmerizing dance of the auroras.


Day 3: Husky Safari, Free Time and Transfer to Special Accommodation

Experience the thrill of a Husky Safari covering 5-10 kilometers, letting these energetic dogs guide you through the snowy wonderland. The afternoon is yours to unwind and relax at your own pace, whether you choose to explore the city or simply enjoy the cozy ambiance of your City Center Hotel before the transfer to your special Lapland accommodation—a mesmerizing glass igloo resort—for the next two nights. Spend the evening exploring or simply relaxing in the unique ambiance of your glass igloo.


Day 4: Snowmobile Safari, Santa Claus Village

Gear up for adventure with a Snowmobile Safari, traversing the snowy landscapes for three exhilarating hours. Later in the day, journey to the iconic Santa Claus Village, where the holiday spirit comes to life. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and perhaps even send a letter from the Santa Claus Post Office before returning to the resort.


Day 5: Relax and departure

Wake up in the unique ambiance of your glass igloo and spend the day exploring the surroundings or indulging in the resort's amenities. As your Lapland adventure comes to an end, we provide a smooth transfer to the airport. Depart with cherished memories, knowing that your Winter Holiday has woven the enchantment of Lapland into every moment of your stay.

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