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The home of Santa Claus. The home of the reindeer. The home of the Northern lights, snow blanketed fells, steamy saunas and frozen lakes. Lapland is the home of many wonders and truly magical, unlike any other place in the world. Visit Lapland and experience activities of all sorts, ranging from adrenaline lifting adventures to mind easing experiences in nature. Lapland offers something for everyone, from the tiniest member of the family to the most adventurous soul of the pack.

Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland. Its capital, Rovaniemi is 829 km away from Helsinki and sits right on the Arctic Circle. The area of Lapland itself is large but lightly populated leaving plenty of open space, untouched nature and quietness for everyone to enjoy. It’s also home of the indiginous Sámi people, and their long-routed history and traditions that have been kept alive to this day. While visiting Lapland you will get to learn and experience some of the oldest arctic traditions, like ice fishing and reindeer herding. The connection to nature has been a central element in the lives of the Lapps throughout history. The locals live through the surrounding nature: hunting, fishing, and picking wild berries and mushrooms. They tell stories about how the forests have provided the main food source for thousands of years.

Lapland is also the home of many arctic animals and it is not at all uncommon to come face to face with a reindeer on your winter walk in the forest. No matter what time of year you visit, you will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery, natural phenomena, exciting wildlife and intriguing people.

Lapland’s arctic winter climate, with its frozen waters and dazzling northern lights has made it a top winter destination. As soon as the first snowflakes meet the ground a whole winter wonderland opens its frosty arms. You will have the chance to sled down fells, hike through deep snow, climb frozen waterfalls, ride with the reindeer, glide on the icy waters, chase the Northern Lights, connect with the arctic nature to name a few. Most winter activities are open for everyone to enjoy, even if you’ve never seen snow before or tried on a pair of skis - skillful instructors will take the best care of you.

Even though the winter is indeed magical, it is also important to note that Lapland is a perfect destination all year-round. As it experiences as many as eight seasons a year, it is a wonderful place to witness the changing colors of the autumn leaves, hike up summary trails, pick your own berries, dive into fresh waters and admire the exceptional midnight sun. It is a truly exceptional and ever changing region that keeps even the most curious minds on their toes.

In Lapland you have the special opportunity to hop on exciting adventures, learn new skills and traditions while you create unforgettable memories. It treasures old traditions, exceptional people, ways of living and breathtaking nature all there for you to explore. Visit Lapland for a once in a lifetime experience.

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