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The wonders of nature

Northern Finland is one of the only places in the world where you can experience real natural phenomena. In the northern Arctic region it is possible to watch the midnight sun, the northern lights or the polar night without moving too far from the accommodation, the village or even the airport. The wonders of nature are the number one reason to visit Lapland. Every season of the year this destination offers a wide variety of wonders not to be missed.


To Finnish Flanders

For many visitors Lapland is the most exotic destination in Finland. The area is surrounded by huge areas and there is not much local population. It provides a wide range of unique experiences in nature, whether hiking around the snowy wilderness, fishing in the best salmon rivers in the world, or even searching for gold; And all this in the freshest air in all of Europe!


As soon as the wintertime changes and the snow appear, a wide range of new activities and experiences come with it. Skiing at international sites, national parks, huge forests, snowmobiles for rent, elk safaris and even dog sledding are just some of the many activities you can enjoy in Lapland.


However, Lapland vacations have more to offer than just outdoor experiences. Finnish Lapland is also home to the country’s native Sami residents, who have a rich cultural heritage that can be explored in local museums. There are almost a dozen local history museums in the area, and in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is the most impressive architectural museum where you will find all the information on the history and life of Lapland.



Lapland is best known perhaps for the fact that it is the official home of Santa Claus. The whole atmosphere is of Christmas, colorful lights, snow, elk and gifts, all of which create for children a trip to exactly where all the magic happens. Older people have a different kind of charm: the Northern Lights, the melting beauty of the snowy forests, the fall colors in the fall or the endless days of sun-midnight in the summer. The long winter in Lapland allows you to engage in unique arctic activities: snowmobiling, icebreaker sailing, frozen waterfalls, ice fishing, skiing, tobogganing, arctic animals and more.



For about 200 nights a year from the end of August to April you have the opportunity to see one of the great natural phenomena in the globe. For those who do not live close to the Arctic circle this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Northern Lights appear on clear nights, with good weather conditions and clear skies. On an evening like this you will see a unique light show in the sky. There are many ways to watch the Northern Lights, hiking, car hunting, snowmobiling to various vantage points and other unique ways like flying in a private helicopter over the skies to Lapland.

If this sounds stressful to you and you prefer the pampering, you can watch the Northern Lights even from a glass igloo in a luxury hotel.


Colorful autumn

When autumn arrives, for two weeks in mid-September the forests of Lapland are painted and look at their peak of beauty. This is a period known in Finnish as "Ruska". During this period a beautiful mix of soft shades, like oranges, reds and light browns was created and on the other hand deep green. This is a great time to hike in Lapland before the snow and cold arrive.


Children and families

Lapland is a particularly family-friendly place for children and families. This is a place where you can experience things for the first time in life, see landscapes that are not likely in your home environment and experience experiences that children really like.


Santa Claus

The capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi is also the official hometown of Santa Claus. For many children this is a place where the legend becomes a magical reality. There are three major Santa-themed attractions throughout Rovaniemi: Santa Claus Village, Santa Park which is more of a Christmas theme park and Santa's Dwarfs.


Moose and Reindeers

The official animal of Lapland is very child friendly. Moose are so central to the lives of the Lapps that there are more moose here than humans! Moose rides and farm visits are a very popular attraction in Lapland. On such a visit you will meet local families who raise elk, you will get to know their way of life, feed the elk, and even go on a sledding trip in the winter wonderland.


Husky dogs

Another popular animal in Lapland is the Husky. Dog sled safari is another one of those classic baking experiences. The dogs are human lovers and are waiting for visits to the farm. For families and dog-loving children it is an amazing experience to see the Husky's breeding farm, and to get up close and personal with their favorite activity - running in the snow.


Snow sandals and sleds

There is nothing more fun than skiing in the snow! At any local store you can purchase a simple sled with which you can play in the free time between attractions. There are slopes and small hills especially for children all over the city and at more remote sites.

Another fun activity is walking in snowshoes. Every walk in the forest you will see piles of snow. Walking with these special shoes allows you to go deep into the snow and reach special places in the forest. If you want you can also stop in a neat place, drink something hot and light a fire.


Hotels and castles from ice

Most of the castles in the world were made by stone carving. In Lapland the tradition is slightly different, every year when there is enough snow and ice the ice castles begin to be built. There are several places around Lapland where you can enjoy the unique architecture of ice. From the ice castle in Bothnian Bay, on to the Arctic Snow Hotel near Rovaniemi and finally, a trip to the snow village of Lainio in western Lapland.



If you are looking for huge slopes, Lapland may not be for you. But if you are looking for a vacation that combines skiing and many other attractions this may be the perfect destination. There are several ski resorts located at different heights of Lapland. Some of the sites are quieter and some are lively with nightlife and restaurants. There is a wide range of skiing activities to experience, downhill skiing, cross country skiing which is a popular national pastime and more.



In Lapland you will find any type of accommodation you want. From simple accommodation to huge resorts that are ready to meet your every need. Whether you want to overlook Lordy Square in Rovaniemi city center, have a cocktail at the pool bar, or just enjoy the comforts that hotels offer to travelers, Lapland has it all.

Wooden cabins are a common accommodation in Lapland, this is the traditional Finnish accommodation option. The cabins are the perfect way to feel yourself in nature, whether it is snowing outside, or if the midnight sun is high in the sky. The cabins are usually located near a lake, on the slope or just outside the city. The cabins in Lapland are diverse, there are authentic wooden cabins with bearskin rugs and there are modern cabins that overlook spectacular arctic landscapes.

Apartment accommodation is a great way for families or larger groups to stay together in Lapland, and often include a sauna, large kitchen and toilets that do not appear in most hotel rooms. Rovaniemi city center has a wide range of short-term rental apartments, in different sizes and locations. If you like to feel at home, cook and watch multi-channel TV, you can stay in an apartment in the city.

For those looking for a truly memorable experience, the opportunity to spend a night in the snow is one not to be missed. There are opportunities and experiences in Lapland that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Igloo rooms made of ice, glass igloo, cabins with a transparent ceiling, a mobile transparent room and more, all provide this. Especially when the Northern Lights appear in the sky.


A trip to Lapland is mostly about once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It is a spectacular, stress-free environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the bustling city and deep in the wondrous nature of the planet. A trip to Lapland is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy its resources but still stay close to the city. The destination offers a wide range of choices and fun activities suitable for all ages, within easy reach.