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A snow filled day of endless fun

One ticket and a whole world of wintery fun. Slide down the hills, scratch the ice with your skates and grab a bite from a restaurant made of snow or sip a warm drink at the exceptional ice bar. No matter your age, the Snowman World guarantees you a day filled with thrilling outdoor activities and the access to some of the coolest icey wonders.


The Snowman World will keep you on your feet for an entire day.Their ice skating track is one of the best spots to learn a new skill or sharpen up your skating routine. They even offer guidance and the right gear to help you on your journey - so don’t sweat it, beginners are more than taken care of. They also have various hills that will allow you to glide down in multiple different ways, either with a sledge rubber tube or slider. On top of that, the slippery hills are not all alike - some are covered in snow, some in ice, some are bigger offering proper thrill, while some are smaller and perfect for the little ones of the family or whoever prefers a less speedy slide.


When you need a break you can visit the one of a kind snow restaurant and ice bar. These structures are rebuilt every year to provide a truly unique experience. In addition to the delicious menu, the restaurant and bar are a treat for the eyes - inside you can find skillfully built snow carvings, stunning lights and the most astonishing snow and ice sculptures. 


The one day ticket includes all equipment required for each activity, so there’s no fuss with renting anything separately - once you’re in you’re free to try it all out. The Snowman world is located at the Santa Claus Village and your Snowman world ticket is valid for a full day, so if you wish to take a moment to meet and greet Santa, you can easily do that and return back to the Snowman world as if you never left.


Sounds like a day well spent? Let us know and will make sure you get your own golden ticket to this snowy world.


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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