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Feel the healing power of ice and fire in this traditional Finnish exercise. 

Forget the hot room at your local gym, because this Finnish Sauna Experience is on a whole other level. Sit back in the middle of the most astonishing views, smell the burning wood as you throw more water on the stove, let your body relax and recover, while your mind finds ease and calmness. 


What makes Finns the happiest nation in the world? We think the answer may be found in the special connection to our Saunas. The first saunas in Finland can be traced thousands of years back and now Finland is the country with the most saunas per capita. The special huts are the heartbeat of the Finnish culture and are loved all year round. The soft heat of the sauna has plenty of positive effects on the body and mind; it can relieve stress, enhances sleep quality and helps with joint and muscle recovery - just to name a few. Finns often combine the heat of the sauna with the other extreme by dipping into the freezing water. This defense system boosting activity is known as ice swimming, and just like the heat, it has been proven to positively affect one’s mood, relieve pain and improve stress tolerance. Quite the therapy session!

On your sauna experience you will learn about the traditions relating to the Finnish sauna, enjoy the warmth of the löyly (wet steam) while you sit back on the wooden planks. Slowly you’ll notice how your body will begin to let go, allowing your muscles and mind to completely melt away. When you need a little break, you are encouraged to take an invigorating dip into the icy waters - like a proper Finn would. As you pop up you will experience the unique tingling sensation of your bloodstream flowing through your entire body. When you enter the sauna again to catch the heat of the steam, you will feel the true Lappish relaxation, liberating your body from head to toe. 


In addition to the great time in the sauna, you may want to add a traditional Finnish dinner to your experience. Also note that in Lapland you have the unique chance to try out a real Ice Sauna Experience - ask us for more details. 


Are you ready to find out the secret to the Finnish happiness and take a well deserved break?  Let us know what your wishes are and we’ll make sure to get everything you want out of your traditional sauna experience.


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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