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Our Story

Lapland Private was established by Shirly and Janir out of their passion to share the same amazement they felt when they first came to Lapland. 


Janir had been travelling in Lapland for years, but we arrived in Lapland together for the first time on our honeymoon. The raw beauty was breathtaking, the natural silence addictive and the surrounding wilderness simply stunning. Today we live in Lapland and are proud to call ourselves Rovaniemi locals.


As experienced travelers we quickly recognized that high quality, independent travel was being overthrown by the rapid growth of mass tourism in Lapland. We took it as a mission to provide the best Lapland experience, in a way we would want to experience a new travel destination – with a local private guide and authentic activities.


Our objective is to show our customers Lapland through local eyes and feel that there is someone here who listens to their wishes and takes cares for them. We are here for you, to guide and accompany you on a journey to "break the ice" and discover the true beauty of Lapland. We will make sure to provide you with a safe trip, full of wonder and awe, in and around the Arctic Circle.


Thanks to our personal connections here we can take you to places where large groups are not accepted. We will steer away from mass tourism and visit the attractions and activities ran by local families. We will have a real cultural experience with an exclusive glimpse into the life of the Lappish people.


For us quality comes first, which is why we choose to work only with the most professional and responsible local partners who share our vision.


We treat our customers as if they were our best friends visiting us here in Lapland. Our job is to show people what we love, and we are grateful for each group we have the opportunity to guide. It is a privilege to be able to share our lifestyle of everyday adventure and to create a unique and unforgettable travel experience for your stay in Lapland.

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Independent Traveler

Discovering Lapland alone can be intimidating for some travelers. We think it is totally possible and even recommended. We specialize in organizing and carrying out tours for the independent traveler.


Our experience and knowledge we have acquired from living in Lapland and working in the travel sector are at your disposal. We make sure to arrange a package that includes a variety of attractions, accommodation, rental car, equipment, and anything else you may wish for. Besides the attractions we provide you with a recommended travel schedule and lots of local tips on special locations worth visiting. 


In case you are still not confident on driving yourself on the icy winter roads, we can build you a travel itinerary with all the attractions including a pickup from your accommodation so you may travel completely carefree. All this so that you will get your dream trip to Lapland and return home with unforgettable memories.

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Private Guiding Service

When choosing to include a local private guide to your holiday in Lapland, you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned.


Your guide will share with you all the knowledge about Lapland and the way of life here. You will have the guide’s complete attention to yourself with the time and flexibility to respond to any question and request.


We are committed for giving high quality experiences to our customers, making it more than just a hired service: your guide will truly feel like a natural part of your travel party. 


Our guides are Rovaniemi locals with experience in all

winter activities, the surrounding nature and 

extreme weather conditions. 


We speak, Finnish, English and Hebrew.

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Sustainable Travel

The natural environment gives us joy, amazement and unforgettable memories, but most importantly it's our source of life. We support the preservation, protection and promotion of the values of all travel sites we enter.


As a company using nature as its playground it is our duty to minimize the load on the environment as much as possible.


We work to strengthen locality and promote local businesses by communicating together with the values and services of each destination.


We avoid mass tourism as much as we can in order to maintain the integrity and harmony of nature.