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This package won’t leave any stone unturned as you will be discovering Lapland to the fullest! Enjoy all the most desirable activities in an all-in-one package. Ride on a snowmobile through Lapland’s magnificent landscapes, meet the magical reindeer and get on an unforgettable sleigh ride pulled by a pack of beautiful huskies. Aboard a once in a lifetime cruise on a real ice breaker! Take a tour in search of Northern Lights at night and you will see a unique natural phenomenon that exists only at the artic edge of the world. 




* The price is for one person

* Minimum 4 participants 

* Separate pricing for smaller groups

The activities


Snowmobile Safari 

Arctic Snow Hotel visit

Santa Claus Village visit

Husky Farm visit with Husky Safari

Wilderness hike and Arctic Survival tour

Korouoma Canyon Frozen Waterfalls Hike

Snowshoeing trip with ice fishing experience

Authentic Reindeer Farm visit and sleigh ride

Ice Breaker Cruise and Ice Floating Experience

Northern Lights Tour with a professional camera

The package includes

Central hotel for 6 nights including breakfast

Thermal Clothing for the entire stay

​Personal support during your stay

Small group travel up to 8 people

Transportation to all activities

All activities pre booked

Local private guide

Airport transfers


Flights are not included in our packages

Dinner or lunch unless otherwise stated

Each traveler needs to have a valid travel insurance


Travel Itinerary

Day 1

Landing at Rovaniemi Airport Lapland Finland. Check in to the hotel and free time in the city center.

A visit to an authentic Finnish reindeer farm - a close acquaintance with one of the most special and important animals for the Lapps.

Day 2

A visit to the husky farm - an introduction tour with the faithful dogs and a 10 km sled ride in the surrounding forest.

A visit to the ice hotel - a visit to a unique hotel built every year in a different way from snow and ice. Be impressed by the ice sculptures, restaurant and ice bar in the complex.

Northern Lights tour with a professional photographer - A night tour for a professional search for the spectacular northern lights and documentation by a professional photographer.

Day 3

Snowshoe trip and ice fishing experience - experience walking in the deep snow, surrounded by white trees and frozen lakes. And then experimenting with the most special form of fishing that characterizes Lapland in winter.

Snowmobile safari - a breathtaking experience of riding snowmobiles into the wilderness of Lapland.

Day 4

Icebreaker cruise in Sweden - go on a cruise on a huge ship whose purpose is to carve through the ice and make room for ships to sail in the Baltic Sea. During the cruise the ship will anchor and you can float in the icy sea water. The trip includes lunch in a Swedish fishing village.

Day 5

Arctic survival experience - a tour of the taiga forest, recognition and acquisition of basic survival skills that are necessary in order to survive the nature and the lapidary climate.

Visiting the official village of Santa Claus and crossing the arctic line.

Day 6

A day trip to the Korouoma frozen waterfalls - a beautiful nature reserve where you will witness the unique phenomenon of completely frozen waterfalls.

Day 7

Check out and return winter equipment.

Farewell to the Winter wonderland and the return back home.

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