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Winter Forest Walk

Enjoy the Arctic Nature on a peaceful walk through the snowy forest!

Experience the true peacefulness of the Lappish nature as you walk through the snow blanketed Taiga forest. Take in the sounds of the wilderness and squeaking snow as you leave your footsteps behind.

On this winter Forest trail you will be taken on an exploration deep into the frosted forest. The vastness and fairy-tale-like beauty of your environment will calm your mind as you trail through snow covered trees, frozen streams and snow drifts. As you pace through the snowy trail, your skilled guide will teach you all there is about the surrounding nature, trees, plants and wildlife. You might even get an exciting fire making lesson and learn a thing or two about the basic survival skills one needs to survive in the arctic conditions.


This trip is a perfect way to learn about the nature of Lapland while getting sucked into its mesmerizing beauty. The Winter Forest trail is suitable for everyone, no matter your age or fitness level. Walk on, learn and snap pictures with the most breathtaking white views as your background. 


Looking for a quiet, slow paced activity that will leave you with the greatest holiday pictures of all time? Let us know and we’ll make sure to include this activity in your itinerary.


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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