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Wilderness Skiing Experience in Lapland

Un regard unique sur la nature sauvage

The most genuine way to explore the untouched parts of Lapland’s white crispy wilderness! With wilderness skiing, you will get off the groomed trails and slide your way through the deep snow, up and down the white hills, frozen lakes and untamed forests. Experience areas no one else has trailed before, wake up your senses with the sounds of nature and let the adrenaline flow through your body as you take on this unique adventure.


Wilderness skiing was developed to allow the most curious minds to experience the magical outback of Lapland. Unlike Alpine skiing or cross country skiing, this tour will take you to areas where you will be the first to leave a trace behind. With the help of the finest guides Lapland has to offer, you can look forward to skiing through astonishing views filled with white-covered trees, icy lakes and shimmering snow coated hills. While you travel through you will hear nature's finest tunes as the wind howls, animals belt and snow squeaks under your feet. And if you’re lucky, you might even encounter some of Laplands loved animals and get a first class seat to their life in their natural habitat.

Does this all sound magical, but you feel a bit shaky about the whole skiing bit? Don’t you worry - this experience is suitable for both beginners and ski pros alike. The specially designed skin covered skis allow you to easily glide both uphill and downhill with a controlled pace. Similar to snow shoeing, the technique is easy to learn and with the help of your brilliant guide, you will hit the snow blanketed hills and sparkling terrain in no time.

This journey will not only leave you with rosy cheeks and a wide smile, but an unforgettable memory of roaming through the endless wilderness and snow-capped hills, that warm, special feeling of emerging with nature, perhaps a new skill and an active day that will allow you to sleep like a baby.

So are you ready to trail across the wild side of our winter wonderland? Let us know and get the chance to leave your unique trace in the deep snow. 


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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