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The Capital of Lapland


Rovaniemi is the provincial capital of Lapland and the most central and largest city in the region. Decades ago, the capital of Lapland was adopted by Santa Claus and became its official and world-famous hometown. The village of Santa Claus is a popular destination among visitors where Christmas falls all year round!

Rovaniemi is surrounded by endless nature and combines vibrant culture, luxury hotels, magical glass igloos and green lights of the Northern Lights. As the most central place in Lapland, it has an international airport, a bus terminal and a train station very close to the city center. The city center includes three shopping centers, a central square, parks, cafes, and a wide variety of restaurants. In winter you will also find ice skating rinks that are open to every participant. The city's official ski resort is called Onsasvara and is less than 4 km from the heart of the city.

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is an urban center in the heart of the Lapland wilderness, it only takes a few steps outside the city to get into nature, to a breathtaking woods and wilderness. The connection to nature is a central element in the lives of the Lapps throughout history. The local laps go hunting, fishing, and picking berries and mushrooms. They tell stories about how the forests have provided the main food source for thousands of years. Also, Rovaniemi today is a modern city with a variety of restaurants and bars. It also offers a variety of cultural activities, museums, seasonal games, winter sports, car racing and an annual elk race.

In summer you can enjoy the setting sun, spend time on the riverbank or on a lake, hike in the surrounding forests and do water activities. In the fall, mushrooms of all kinds appear on the ground and, of course, lots of berries, including the CLOUDBERRY fruit, unique to Lapland. This season the northern lights also reappear in the sky.

In winter, snow and ice cover the land and put the city in a magical holiday atmosphere. The freezing weather and the sun, make Rovaniemi a perfect place for skiing, ice skating, sledding or deep snow walking. Apart from the traditional activities you can also enjoy winter attractions like snowmobiles, icebreaker sailing, mountain biking, husky safaris, moose and more.

In the spring the ice and snow melt slowly, and the ground turns green, buds sprout and the rivers thaw, this is a time that allows for dramatic photography opportunities.

Rovaniemi offers a wide range of accommodation options, from award-winning luxury hotels, holiday villages to a variety of AIRBNB apartments or cozy cabins. For those who are really looking for luxury, you can choose a unique accommodation in a glass igloo that allows you to watch the Northern Lights even when you curl into bed.

Reindeers are the icon of Lapland and that's for the simple reason that there are more reindeers than humans! When you arrive on a trip to Lapland it is very likely that you will encounter a reindeer wandering along the side of the road. Lapland also has a long tradition of creating arts from local materials, the reindeer's horn is one of them. The locals create home decorations, jewelry, utensils, and cutlery from the horn that the reindeer sheds every year. In Rovaniemi you will find many shops selling these unique items and even participate in an art workshop.

Culture, attractions, shopping centers, sports facilities, bars, and restaurants have made Rovaniemi the vibrant capital of Lapland. Thousands of visitors and students from all over the world come here every year and make the atmosphere of the city international with local flavors. Rovaniemi is one of the only places in the world where you can return from a tour with the Husky dogs straight to a