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Snowshoes Experience in Lapland

Experience the sound of silence and astounding white

beauty of the Lapland forest.

Walk where otherwise impossible, see the unseen all while listening to the sounds of the pure nature. This ancient way of passing through the deep snow terrain allows you to step foot on an adventure unlike any other. Experience the untouched parts of Lapland as you hike your way through magical grounds and inhale the clean, crisp air of the North.

Snowshoes are a very old and traditional way to stride through the thick snowy grounds. Thanks to its special design, the shoe allows you to travel through areas in the wintery wonderland that would not be accessible on foot as your feet don't sink into the white frost. In the old days they were hand made out of wood but today you will get to put on the modernly designed snowshoes. The shoes are simple to use and after a quick introduction you will be stomping away through the stunning Lappish grounds.

This activity is for everyone to enjoy and your guide will always make sure to adjust the route to your fitness level and abilities. There are multiple lengths of snowshoe hikes one can take on, ranging from a little taster walk to day-long journeys. All hikes hold the most important elements of snowshoeing and you will be led by a knowledgeable guide introducing you to interesting facts and natural wisdom about your surroundings. 


You can expect to be challenged gently as your heart rate rises and blood flows through your body. After a little while you may find yourself in an indescribable location giving you an opportunity for a unique moment of peace where all you can hear is the sound of silence - a truly memorable and sometimes even emotional experience. After this excursion you will be left with a great sense of achievement as well as tranquility and calmness in your mind. 

Note that you can combine the snowshoe hike with some other activities - perhaps you want to make your way to the Amethyst mine and hike your way up? Or maybe you’d like to hike to a perfect spot and try your luck with Ice Fishing?

Ready to admire natural shapes and sculptures created by the glittery snow and walk through the outbacks of the North? Give us a shout and you’ll be hiking towards a clear mind and a strong body.

Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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