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Snow surfing Lapland


No swimsuit is needed for this one - unless you insist… We recommend you put some warm clothes on and glide your way up and down the powdery fells of Lapland. This activity needs no sandy beaches or salty waves, all you need is a proper board, sparkling snow and the unforgettable scenery only the Lapland can offer. 


It's undoubtedly easy to mix this board sport with its close cousin, snowboarding, but rest assured, these are two different things. First and foremost the boards are different which already affects the sliding experience. Unlike in snowboarding where you maneuver the board with the speed generated by the steepness of a hill and don’t pay so much attention to the route that takes you to the finish line, in snow surfing the focus is not on the speed itself, but rather on the hill and the terrain that suggests the route of the run. It’s not about going fast, or getting to the end, but about connecting the dots, planning the route and gliding through. With its flowy mind set, snow surfing captures the elements of water surfing. It has the emphasis on working together with the material, riding the snow and reading the ride correctly. 


Come as you are, as a complete beginner or a snow gliding pro and let gravity take you on a smooth journey. Connect with the snow as it allows you to surf down and glide through the fells and forest backs. You will be accompanied with a skillful guide who will help you enjoy the ride and find the freedom of surfing in snow blanketed grounds. As you maneuver your board around the wilderness you will get a first class seat to the wonders of Lapland, the snow covered forests, the frosted hill tops and the never ending white landscape. Who needs a beach after this?


Wanting to release your inner surfer and give this unique experience a go? Let us know and will make sure to get you on a board.

Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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