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Learn about the mystical creatures of the North and let them take you on

a spin in winter wonderland.

What is the one place that has more reindeer than people? You guessed it - the Finnish Lapland. Seize this special opportunity to immerse yourself with these magical creatures. Hop on a sleigh and let the reindeers take you around the frosty forests, on one of the most traditional ways of transportation. Learn about life at a traditional reindeer farm and gain a deeper understanding of the animals' meaning within the Lappish society.

If you look closely you may notice the reindeer being one of the prominent symbols of Lapland, and reindeer herding happens to be the oldest livelihood that is still practiced in Finland. All reindeer in Lapland are tagged, but are free to roam around in the wilderness without restrictions. On your Reindeer Farm visit you get to spend time with these creatures and possibly give them a little bite or two of their favorite snack. You will also be introduced to real reindeer herders and their ways of living that can be traced to ancient times, as well as learn about the animals, their habits and their intimate relationship to the indigenous Sámi people.

In addition you will have the chance to sit back and enjoy a traditional sleigh ride through the wintry forest of Lapland. Admire the snow covered trees and feel the wind on your rosy cheeks while you’re comfortably covered under a warm blanket. The pace of the ride is gentle and slow giving you the perfect opportunity to have a lookout for other arctic animals. This beautiful experience can be as short as 500 meter little spin or last for as long as a 3h journey.


If you’re looking to catch the Northern Lights, you may want to time your sleigh ride to the night time allowing you to easily gaze up and hopefully catch a glimpse of the dancing lights. Another wonderful option is to add this experience together with an Ice Fishing adventure - now that’s a truly authentic Lapland experience.

Dive deep into the core of the Lappish history and have a taste of the past while you enjoy your time with the mystical reindeers. Let us know if this got you curious and we will make sure you get to have your dose of reindeer fun!


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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