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Not two, not four, but eight! -  The Sami people have discovered that there are eight beautiful seasons that cover Lapland yearly. Each season casts its own flare, color and atmosphere throughout the land.



When the midnight sun casts the sky and allows you savor the sunlight all through the night


From mid May all the way until mid-July the magical midnight sun allows for the days to blend together with the nights. During this period the sun doesn’t set at all, and you can admire it on the edge of the horizon even in the middle of the night. The more up North you climb, the higher up the sun will shine. The outdoors await, with the fells ready for hikers to trek on and the lakes providing the perfect spots to cool down. Summer is filled with great activities such as gold panning, canooying, kayaking, swimming, exploring the many National parks and many more. An exceptional time to enjoy Laplands multiple festivals, activities, lively nature and endless sunshine. 



Fill the buckets with berries and admire the setting sun


From mid July to the end of August we welcome our beloved late summer, also known as Harvest season. This is the time when the midnight sun period has said its beautiful goodbyes, the sun begins to set behind the horizon and the forests are rich with delicious delicacies for anyone to pick. This is the ideal season to trek through  mesmerizing national parks and get to taste the fresh flavors of berries, such as cloudberries, blueberries and prepare a filling mushroom dish from your hand picked mushrooms.


When rustic colors fill the landscape and the Northern Lights take their first dance 


As September arrives, the days shorten even more and the air cools down slowly changing the colors of the leaves from rich greens to vibrant shades of reds, yellows, oranges and purples. You can often admire the fall color pallet that covers the landscape from the trees to the ground all the way until early October. This season offers the most picturesque hikes through forests, fells, swamps and lakes. You may still find berries such as lingonberries to pick and enjoy. To top it all off, as the nights darken, the Northern Lights come out and make their first appearance. It's a great time to enjoy the lights as the air is still relatively warm compared to the winter months.


The first little crystals touch the ground bringing with them the true winter atmosphere


As the trees stand naked, the frost wraps the land, the first snow makes its debut. Usually this transition happens around the end of October, beginning of November and opens the Lappish winter season. The temperature slowly creeps below zero, freezing with it the lakes and small rivers. As the nights get longer - you guessed it, more auroras appear to light up the night sky. The Christmas spirit gradually spreads through the city and you can begin to taste the true arrival of Lapland’s winter.



The sun rests below the horizon, reflecting a magical pastel color for the people to enjoy


As December arrives we say our goodbyes to the rising sun for a little while. However, unlike the grim rumors of complete darkness, in reality for a couple of hours a day we get to enjoy beautiful shades of deep blue and pink on the edge of the horizon. The days of the polar night are arguably short, however far from boring. During this time of the year Lapland is packed with Christmas spirit, traditions, magical scenery and snow blanketed grounds. You have all the winter activities available for you from skiing to reindeer sleigh riding and ice skating on natural waters. This is also the most famous time for people to say their hello to Santa and whisper out their Christmas wishes. Visit Lapland during the polar night period for a memorable experience.



The trees turn into snow sculptures as the heavy snow blankets the land


A new year has begun and winter is at its peak. This is the true arctic experience many look forward to as the temperature can fall as far as -30 degrees Celsius. Fresh fluffy snow covering every corner of the ground creating a surreal scenery to enjoy. Walk knees deep in the snow, chase the Northern light or hop on an exhilarating snowmobile tour - there are endless opportunities to take in the breathtaking views and create unforgettable memories. Don’t let the cold temperature intimidate you, the proper clothing is the key for the greatest winter experience, and we got you covered with all the tips and tricks to survive the Arctic conditions. 



The snow begins to glitter as the sun begins to shine


Hello hello sunshine. As February begins, it welcomes with it the warmer days and sunny skies. This combination of frost and light allows one to dive into a true winter wonderland experience. Watch the glittering snow while snowshoeing through the forest, allow the views to sweep you away on your husky ride and ski down smoothly on pristine fells. As the days are warm yet nights are still freezing the texture of the snow is the best it can be for all winter activities! Even with the sun shining, the nights are dark and make a perfect canvas for the Northern lights to paint the sky. Snow crust season is the ideal time for any winter adventure seeker to visit Lapland and will sure keep you on your toes.



The winter loses it power, the ice melts away and streams flow with all of their power


As late April approaches the sun’s warmth is too much for the snow and ice to handle. The frozen layers of water begin to crack and melt, sending the rivers and streams to flow freely again. Admire the forests filled with flowing streams and lakes awakening from underneath their ice blankets. It is a refreshing time of year that is filled with new beginnings. You have the front seat to watch nature wake up from its long nap, as trees begin to form little leaves and the heads of plants start peaking from the ground. Watch as the arctic animals get active and curious about the changing nature and the summer that is to come. 

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