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Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls

Witness the magnificent Ice Waterfalls of the deep Korouoma Canyon

Catch the mesmerizing waterfalls standing still, completely frozen. Admire the natural shapes the falls hold while the winter months cast their spell on them. This truly compelling experience will take you on a hike through the frozen scenery of the Korouoma Canyon where you’ll get to wander around through a true winter wonderland.

Crisp arctic air will blow as you walk through a 30km long and 130m deep breathtaking fracture valley. The Korouoma Canyon’s rugged and striking landscapes offer a breathtaking winter excursion. On your way you’ll pass along multiple frozen streams, rapids and snow covered cliffs. The waterfalls you encounter will be anywhere from 20-60 meter tall and will surely make your jaw drop  - they are simply stunning. In addition to this you will be trailing in one of the best spots to catch true arctic wildlife. Along the trail your guide will share all there is to know about the remarkable Canyon and the wilderness surrounding it. By the end of the hike you will get to relax by an open fire place and enjoy a light Finnish BBQ lunch at the canyon resting area - perhaps one of the coolest places you’ll ever get to stop for a snack. 


This hike is suitable for anyone who has a bit of energy in their body and feels comfortable putting their hiking boots on. Depending on your wishes you can either walk through an easier route of about 3km or tackle a more advanced hike of 6-7km. Both paths will lead you as close as one can get to these impressive waterfalls, so no matter which way you choose, the grand finale will be waiting for you. For the extreme adventurers we can also arrange a session of Ice Climbing at the Korouoma ice waterfalls. 

Here’s your unique chance to get a closer look at mother nature's very own ice sculptures while walking through a nearly unworldly scenery! Let us know if this is your wish and will organize a beautiful icy adventure for you.

Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.


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