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You might be aware that Finland is a big ice hockey country, and oh how we are proud of our hockey culture. What you might have not known is that the first ice skating happened over 4000 years ago, right here in our beautiful country. And at first it wasn’t for anything more fun than to save some time and energy on traveling during the freezing winter times. But since those early days, things have changed and now ice skating, in all of its forms, is one of the most enjoyable activities of all ages here in Finland. 


Ice skating is the perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones in a fun and energizing way. With us you have the amazing and unique opportunity to experience ice skating in the pure nature. We will not drop you on an ice hockey rink to skate laps of endless circles, but instead will show you to one of the most stunning hidden gems  of Lapland, a breathtaking ice skating track in the middle of the white, frosted forest. Away from noises and the distractions of the city, this magical skating experience will offer you an active day of fun no matter your age or skating experience.


You also have a once in a lifetime opportunity to put on your skates during the evening, skate through the calm, peaceful forest, while gazing up to the clear night sky filled with shining stars and maybe even the sensational Northern lights. And even if the auroras decide not to make an appearance to the party, you will surely have a magnificent time away from the rush and worries of the real world. 


See yourself gliding through the wintry woods and emerging yourself into the serenity of nature? Tell us which experience most draws you in and we will guide you into the secret winter woods.


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.

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