Private Ice Breaker and Ice Castle Tour in Kemi

Visit the marvelous Ice Castle and conquer the Bothnian sea on

a real Arctic Ice Breaker.

A once in a lifetime experience on a real arctic Icebreaker! We will take off in the morning and head down to Kemi. You are welcomed by the world’s largest Snow Castle and Snow Hotel located on the shores of the frozen Bothnian Bay. After a tour in the Snow Castle a warm buffet lunch is served at a Seaview Restaurant focusing on the seasonal fresh tastes made from the local ingredients. 


The journey continues to the harbor where you will board the famous Sampo Ice Breaker for a 3.5h cruise. You are free to explore the magnificent vessel down from the engine rooms all the way up to the captain’s bridge.See and feel the immense power of the rock-hard ice breaking as the ship pushes through the frozen landscape towards the horizon. 


Before stopping in the middle of the frozen sea, the ice breaker will create a small open pool in the ice, where the main event of the cruise takes place. You will get to walk on the ice around the Ice Breaker and swim in the dark icy waters in a special floating suit provided by the friendly crew members.  A truly unique and freeing Arctic experience! 


Enjoy the colorful sunset on the way back to Rovaniemi and relax after a long day of exploring the Arctic.


Program info:

All day event. The drive to Kemi from Rovaniemi is about 1,5h.  

The tour is suitable for all age groups.​

A warm buffet lunch will be served on this tour.


What’s included? 

Private guiding services. 


Hot drinks and small snacks.

Professional equipment for the activity.





What to bring? 

Backpack for your valuables.

Layered winter clothing.

Extra pair of dry socks and gloves/mittens. 

Energizing Snacks. 

Water Bottle.


Please note:

Transportation and guiding services on this tour are private. There may be other visitors at the Ice Breaker and Ice Castle during the tour. 


The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.