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Korouoma Ice Waterfalls and Ice Climbing

Witness the magnificent Ice Waterfalls of the Korouoma Canyon on a guided ice climbing experience!

The Korouoma Canyon is a 30km long and 130m deep fracture valley about 110km from Rovaniemi, near Posio. Explore the deep Korouoma Canyon and it’s many waterfalls that freeze in the cold winter temperatures to form in 20-60 meter tall ice walls.


On this full day adventure your private guide will take you on an outstanding opportunity to try on of the most intriguing activities in Lapland, Ice Climbing! The tour will start the same as a regular hike at the Korouoma Canyon. At the bottom of one of these magnificent ice falls, your experienced ice climbing instructor will prepare the rope line(s) and give you all the relevant gear and instructions for safe climbing. Then it’s time for you to conquer the amazing nature-made ice walls of the Korouoma Canyon! 


Program info

All Day Event. The drive to Korouoma Canyon from Rovaniemi is about 1,5h.

Ice Climbing age limit is 12-years-old and requires a moderate fitness level. 

We recommend having a filling breakfast and to bring some energizing snacks. 


What’s included? 

Climbing instructor services.

Professional equipment for the activity.


Hot drinks and cookies.


What to bring? 

Backpack for your valuables.

Layered winter clothing.

Extra pair of dry socks and gloves/mittens. 

Energizing Snacks. 

Water Bottle.