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Private Ice Fishing Experience in Rovaniemi

Rest your mind on a frozen lake and learn the local tradition of Ice Fishing. 

Ice fishing is a traditional local winter activity and a strong part of the culture in Lapland. During the winter it is possible to try your luck at ice fishing almost anywhere where you can find water. The thickness of the ice on the rivers and lakes in Lapland is varies between 50cm to over 100cm thick. The frozen lakes and rivers are accessible by car, snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes.


Your Lapland Private guide will take you to one of the frozen lakes or rivers around Rovaniemi where you can enjoy the beautiful wilderness landscape as well as the natural silence it provides. As much as ice fishing is an exciting sport, it also has a unique and meditative aspect to it where you can forget about all the worries and let you mind be completely at ease.


On this tour you will learn all the skills of ice fishing from drilling a fishing hole to using the pilkki (Finnish word for the ice fishing rod) and hopefully catch a fish or two. Your guide will also explain and teach you about the different kinds of fish it is possible to catch and how the locals know where to fish. 

Hot drinks and small snacks will be served during the tour.

Program info:

The duration of the program is around 2-3h.


The tour is suitable for all age groups.

Hot drinks and small snacks will be served on this tour.


What’s included? 

Private guiding services. 


Hot drinks and small snacks.

Professional equipment for the activity.





What to bring? 

Backpack for your valuables.

Layered winter clothing.

Extra pair of dry socks and gloves/mittens. 

Energizing Snacks. 

Water Bottle.


Please note:

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs duration or execution without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.


Cancellation policy.